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                                            School at a glance

Christ Jyoti School (CBSE) is a minority Educational Institution (English Medium) run and managed by an international Society of Salvatorian Fathers having the motto “lead kindly light”. The aim of the institution is to bring in to lime light the innate capacities of the students and lead them to the realities of life. The school focuses its attention on moulding of the personality of every individual student, taking in to consideration the demand of the rapidly changing scenario, the sign of the time and the need of the place.

 Every minute detail of the child is being observed through CCE and timely correction and help is given to polish their personality and behavioral pattern.  The evergreen surrounding and the infrastructure with all the facilities are conducive for them to interact, work and grow in their own way. The child oriented approach makes them free and capable citizens who can be an asset to the family, to the society and to the world at large.


                                                 SR. ROSLIN MPV.



Christ Jyoti is a temple of wisdom. We are called to give that education which will instill kindness, generosity, and humanness in the soul of the child. For this, we have a holistic approach towards education. We use all the possible means and ways to give make our wards good human beings and responsible citizens for the future. Information and technology is one of those means which helps our cause.

Information technology coupled with innovation leads to development. AT CJS we are committed to be innovative and using the technology for the development.   One of the innovative ways to reach the parents and well-wishers of our school is through the virtual world. It will serve the bridge to connect CJS with others.

This portal is a means to communicate the latest developments, activities and achievements of CJS – CBSE. It also serves as forum for the students to showcase their literary skills. This website serves like a Year log for the students of this school. The year planner carries all the activities of the school. There is a section for photographs depicting various events of the school. The news section carries the details of developments in the school.  Last but not least there is a section which carries the articles written by our staff and students.

                My wish is that this portal becomes a bridge between CJS and the world. Have a pleasure ride through the portal to find all the happenings of CJS. God bless you all!!!


                                                                    FR. STARLIGHT SDS


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