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Discussion Lobbies, Library & Labs

We have distributed as well as central library. By distributing the library at discussion lobbies, we have facilitated every student with relevant books that can develop the student's knowledge, clarity of thought, and creative aspects. Central library contains books required to refer for academic research matter. We have also distributed the computer infrastructure. Putting computer in every class, helps student to use it under teacher's guidance. However, science lab is positioned separately keeping safety into consideration.


Health, Ayurvedic Garden & Yoga Centre

Undoubtedly, health is a big issue in modern times. We aspire to give total health to each of our student. Indian knowledge system has been recognized the best worldwide. Ayurveda, Yoga, Sports, Disciplines, Diet and all that is required for healthy growth of the child is a part of our integral system. We have also implemented an Ayurvedic Garden to empower students with minimum required knowledge on environment and natural living.


Publication Centre

Academic abilities of both Teachers and Students can be best measured by the ability to publish articles. Such articles can be a part of a book, magazine, newspaper, blogs or journals. Our publication department also engage in finding new techniques of assessment. Setting question papers, activity based assessment, crediting achievements, etc. are the roles of this department at JIS.


Extra-Curricular Activities Centre

AAt JIS, extra-curricular activities are not a hobby centre. It is a secondary skill development centre. We have highly skilled professionals engaged for this, who not only serve the purpose of JIS, but also open the opportunity for competitive ability development for students from other schools.


Residential Zone & Canteen

We have facilitated stay and canteen for students and staff. Since, it is an international school, students from different regions all across the globe are welcome to be a part of our school. Students at our Residential, follow a more competitive culture for mental and physical growth.

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