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CJS has ensured that its curriculum has encapsulated all that is prescribed by CBSE. Also see CBSE website reference.

  • Incremental in nature

  • Tri ???

  • Clarity

  • Universal in nature


Our pre-primary curriculum is uniquely designed to keep the purity of a child under 6. It is a curriculum that generates interest for education in the little kids. Teachers, at our pre-schools, are 'Maa' for the children. We ensure, our little ones do not start their educational life with tears and pains. Sanskrit prayers brings clarity in their speech. The curriculum is designed in a manner that they develop insight for objects, which will prove to be very useful when they go to Primary schools. 



Our Primary curriculum is designed to meet the following goals:

Finding of Latent Talents:
It is observed that most of the parents are not clear about their career choice even when children are appearing 10 th Board Exam. They merely try to chase the interest of the child, which keeps on changing. They do not know anything about Latent Talent, nor do the school give them any input on these matters. Some schools have tried to introduce Career Counsellors who know about wide range of career options, but they do not know what is latent in the child. Hence, CJS will deliver lot of value in this area as we have a well-designed system to identify the innate abilities in students by the end of Primary. 

Ability to do Self-Study: 
It is also observed that we keep on teaching lessons after lessons to students even when they reach Std X. This simply point to the fact, that children do not develop ability to self-study and hence such classroom teaching is required. Our focus in Primary is to help students develop the ability to do self-study, so that, from secondary onwards they need Teachers to clear doubts and expand their understanding and not for basic reading and comprehending.

Culturally guided Disciplines:
Disciplines are easy to set during Primary when the child is still under the age of 12 and can be moulded as we desire. This is the right time when we can set their habits and cultural inclinations. Our primary approach should be to introduce to them most of the patriotic characters, historical marvels and ideals. Language learning is also easy at this stage. And hence, we have ensured we teach them both Sanskrit and English during this period itself. Our reduced curriculum books, helps us doing all these over our students.


Our Secondary curriculum is designed to meet the following goals:

Preparatory To Excel Board and Competitive Exams Fright From 6 th Standard: 
There should be a plan to prepare for 10 th Board exam right from 6 th standard. Every school in our nation has only Annual Targets. With CCE this target has reduced to Unit Tests. There is long term goals and vision that is being chased any more in schools. Parents, Teachers and Students are all lost in the books and time-table and not on the qualitative aspect of the child. There is not assessment methodologies that goes beyond the numbering of questions and answers. We at CJS, are not victim of such system. Our assessment and schooling system has clear focus to meet the milestone of 10 th Standard.

Develop Basic Skills Relative To Aligned Career Sector: 
Since, we identity the latent talent in the child right during Primary education, we have associated and trained experts who train them to excel in their career sectors.

Independent Thinking Abilities:
One of the quality that we focus during Secondary education is Independent Thinking abilities of the child. This means, that we develop the thought process of the child to that maturity level, where he is not dependent on anyone for finding of Truth and concluding what is best in holistic manner.

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